Monday, April 07, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

No news????

Hi everybody!

As you have seen there is not so many news on the blog lately! There is two reasons for that:

- First one is that I'm pretty lazy, tired and running after the time so when I'm in front of my computer I play Pro Evolution Soccer or I watch LA Ink!
- Second one is that I'm leaving Dubai to .... Abu Dhabi!

Well that's why I'm working on my new project that is!

It will be more of a lifestyle blog covering my taste as usual but also a really edgy coverage on what could be the "best of" in living (Art, Fashion, Party, bit of politics, design, music...)
I will probably link it to my personnal experiences around the world so see you there!

PS: In between I will probably keep on posting here from time to time so come back until I tell you that I'm gone!

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A night at the Dubai Tennis Championships...

So yesterday I was nicely invited in VIP stand at the Dubai Tennis Championships to see Federer playing Murray! I like the tennis season here in Dubai even if with the time it become very hard for me to find tickets (Free ones you understand me!) :)

So I here are the players...

At the end of the match I've seen Richard Gasquet our French number 1 entering the stadium...

Then Roger leaving with you can imagine not really the mood to sign anything (He lose in case you are not following the news)

So we head up to the Jacob's Creek bar to forget it...

But look for the game of Gasquet against whoever everybody were gone!

But we finished with a nice (average in fact) dinner at The Cellar at the Aviation Club

Saturday, March 01, 2008

They are back!!!!!!!

This is my job...

I don't like to promote my competition but this one is just why I love in my industry!

When I can do the same it's just a pure pleasure... It's not about business, it's about you!

Well done Ritz Carlton!

Unfortunately not in Dubai... Adidas Consortium series!

Well I had a discussion last week or so with the manager of Adidas Original at Dubai Festival City and he was not aware of the consortium series!

That's sad because I really like those ZX and I'm upset to pay all the time the shipment fee so I'm sure I won't cop them!

More info there and on

Kanye mysterious kicks!

Well we now have more info on the unknown Nike that Kanye West was wearing during the Grammy's!

"I don’t believe you. … Hey, that jacket you wore to the Grammy Awards was totally next level. It had lights and everything. Where’d it come from?

I designed it together with my stylist. I took a shape that I liked — I can’t say who made it, but I liked it, it had a kick in the back. Under my jacket I wore a Hedi hoodie. So we put on LED lights — there were LED lights on my jacket, on the sunglasses and my scarf. I had on a pair of Nikes too, but I can’t talk about those because they’re not out yet. The lights in the jacket were powered by battery."

Yes you read it! It looks like it's on the way! The ultimate kicks to get into club!
And I love this Jordan V feeling!

From NiceKicks and The Moments at NY Times

Is it Jazz?

I can understand that a Jazz Festival invite people that are not Jazzman if it is in a way related to Jazz (Funk, Hiphop...) but yesterday I was for the second night at the Dubai Jazz Festival and I was surprised!

On the first night there was a Flamenco/Rumba band from Canada! Well is it jazz? And why from Canada and not from Spain!? No big deal...

Yesterday I knew that I was going to see David Gray, so I asked my friend, who is this Dude? Nobody could tell me! So I said to myself "He might be a new Jazz star!"

Well not really he is just another pop artist... quite an interesting style if you like this style but definitely not a Jazzman!

DUBAI, Stop calling a pop festival a JAZZ FESTIVAL!!!!!

And for the one who don't know what I'm talking about look at the shot and don't tell me it's Jazz!

Monday, February 25, 2008

The worst and the best...

Well I'm French and today is a really nice day for us!

First because our president is behaving like the same people he wanted to clean with a Karcher few month back! He is using a pretty awful language ;)
(English traduction is kinda: Moove! little DoucheBag! at 00:34)

But Secondly because Marion Cotillard won the Oscar of the best Actress in leading role for La Mome (la Vie en Rose in English)!

It's a beautiful movie and she really deserve it! I'm very happy for her!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Skate when you shave...

A skateboard as mirror! It's cool isn't it? I think it is...

source: Acquire

The 6th crossing at Dubai Creek...

This bridge will be the highest Arch bridge in the world and once again it's in Dubai!

Read what the is saying about it:

FXFOWLE INTERNATIONAL’s proposal for the architectural design of a 1.7km and 205m bridge in Dubai was selected by the country’s Roads & Transport Authority in a major international design competition. The firm’s winning bridge design further advances the infrastructure and transportation initiatives in Dubai. FXFOWLE’s design makes the 6th Crossing the largest and tallest spanning arch bridge in the world. Sudhir Jambhekar, Senior Partner, FXFOWLE INTERNATIONAL stated, “The bridge’s design was inspired by multiple sources, each evoking similar imagery – the rhythmic grace of Dubai Creek’s current, the elegant splendor of the sand dunes adjacent to the City, the lighting patterns of the lunar cycle and the design of the future Opera House. We believe that our bridge design is not merely to link the City’s cultural and commercial developments or ease congestion, but an opportunity to connect people both physically and emotionally by creating an iconic landmark, destination, and gateway between the old, the new and the future Dubai.”

Cool toys! Huck Gee's Hand-Splattered Kidninjas

This is a damn cool toy so go and see the story about it on Vinyl Pulse!

Complex... where I live!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


It's a sport... a passtime for Windsurfer but it's ok when it's your friend who have nothing else to do who do it...

So there we go! The great Orbie Naish (UnOfficial nephew of Robby Naish) doing a full the back first full tour or 360 back if you are a professional ;)